The Car Killer "COBRA MAGNUM" - The Incredible New Garbage Truck That Eats Cars For Breakfast

Garbage collection vehicles swallow a car! We complement the genius behind the idea of creating a garbage truck that can swallow a car. No need to move your car anymore on garbage collection day the New Way Cobra Magnum Garbage Truck will take care of it for you…Permanently.

The 80 inch wide hopper is wide enough to fit most vehicles easily. The hopper itself can hold 3.55 cubic yards of refuse, but the hopper compactor is what is truly impressive. It has the power to segment and compact a sedan in four processes of the hopper. The total time per hopper cycle is 23 seconds that means that the vehicle can disappear into its bowels in under about a minute. The total capacity of the truck is 20-32 cubic yards which means that a New Way Cobra Magnum Rear Loader Garbage Truck could reek havoc on a car lot. It even comes with a yarding cable to hoist heavy items into its maw.

Watch this awesome funny video as garbage truck workers from Scranton Manufacturing of Scranton,