389 Show Truck is the Best Hot Rod Rig Ever Built in the Industry!

Hot Rods! We love them and we're used to see them, but what about Hot Rod Rigs? Are they something you see every day on the streets?

Have you ever seen one or do you know what it is actually? Although Hot Rod Rigs are not so popular they are as cool as Hot Rods. Apart from special custom shops finely equipped to build the world's best hot rod rigs, there also some popular YouTube channels dedicated to these particular pieces of machinery and today, we thought a video from one of these channels would be amazing! Hot Rod Rigs TV, as its name implies, is a welled signed YouTube channel for devoted hot rod rig lovers. It has more than ten thousand subscribers from all around the world and it posts super enjoyable videos on a regular basis. In today's video, for example, we're checking out a 389 Show Truck that really shows off. Built by Rollin Transports this wonderful hot rod rig is an undefeated two time national champion at the Pride and Polish series. It's the far best ever built in the industry.

Check out the video to see this mechanical gem inside out and leave your comment how would be your first impression when you see it in person!