8V92 Detroit Powered 1973 White Freightliner Cabover - WILL IT START?

Joyful story how one guy tried to make run this left in forest unworkable unique 1973 White Freightliner Cabover truck with all working process. Have a look, walk around, outside checking, clean animation, vintage view, explanations with details in this interesting project.

As we know 1973 White Freightliner Cabover is a classic commercial truck known for its distinctive cab-over-engine (COE) design. This type of truck was popular choice for long-haul trucking due to their efficient design and robust construction. The cab-over-engine configuration with its design offers several advantages, including improved visibility, maneuverability, and a shorter overall length. This kind of truck also was known for its reliability and durability. That old Shaker had a 24v starter. It'll need four 6's linked together to turn it over. We can mention a great job to make working this standing unworkable huge machine.

1973 White Freightliner Cabover represents a classic example of a cabover commercial truck, renowned for its practicality, durability, and contribution to the transportation industry. If you are interesting in truck, huge vehicle this video might be useful for you. Watch, enjoy and share with your friends!