8v71N Detroit Diesel on the Jake Brake

Let's us take a look, be witness of courage trip of heavy-duty truck 1976 Kenworth K123 with 8v71N Detroit Diesel in details, good checking and animation. Enjoy this journey and have opportunity to see how this huge truck with pulling system passing the road, making a turn and its performance.

As we know the 1976 Kenworth K123 is a vintage model of heavy-duty trucks produced by Kenworth. And famous of producing reliable and durable trucks with high performance. The K123 was a conventional-cab truck, featuring a classic design, durability and its own specialities. This type of truck was suitable for a variety actions, long-haul trucking, regional hauling, and heavy-duty construction work. In video we can see how this great truck cleanly and smoothly passing the road, make a turn in its huge size and height. That Detroit Diesel can run so well upside down.

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