Luxury In a 18 wheeler Shell Bootleggers Tractor Pulling Team

Looking to video we can mention unbelievable luxury in a 18 wheeler Shell Bootleggers Tractor Pulling team. Tractor pulling is a competitive motorsport where modified tractors or trucks, often with multiple engines with certain truck distance. Each vehicle is equipped with a mechanical device that transfers weight to the front and it moves forward. We can take enjoyment video tour of the Bootleggers Pulling team custom truck and trailer. This Tractor Pulling team includes custom trailer and sleeper, over 200 of comfortable sleepers. In interior we can find all needs for comfortable resting and spending time. This 18 wheeler can turn into a mobile home. We also can be face to face with elegance on eighteen wheels spotlight. Exterior is viewing with green coloring and black creation painting. When an 18 wheeler makes a turn it takes up both lanes.

If you'd interested with custom truck and trailer this 18 wheeler Shell Bootleggers Tractor Pulling team take your attention and may be useful for you!

Enjoy this video with pleasured moments!