Peterbilt Cabover: This is How a Truck Born Out of Its Ashes

Have you ever wondered how is a truck born? It's apparent that it's not in the same way that a human baby is born.

There are many different stories between each truck we have seen and are seeing. While they are mostly heath-warming, we can't know each of these stories. But, in today's video,we're checking out how a truck is born out of its ashes. Nicknamed as Supapete, this truck is a Peter Cab Over that looks extremely charming in every way, but apparently this charm is not enough so the Supapete goes through a very long and extensive restoration process. After months of hardworking, putting great amount of effort, spend some crazy money and waiting impatiently, the restoration process ends up fantastic and a brand new truck is born. The new look it got is so impressive that one can't help looking at it ceaselessly for hours. It is a nice transformation that almost every truck we see on the roads actually need. They really need an update.

Now, click on the play button to start the fun, watch the video paying attention to the highlights, see how they turn this truck from something cool into something cooler and enjoy the process! You will like it!