1983 Kenworth K-100 is a Big Big Toy

Have you ever wondered why it is always said "old is gold"? What is the meaning of it? Why old is better than the new?

There are a lot of answers and explanations for this, but the most probable one is the high quality of old products varying from textile to heavy machine. Today, we will see a visual answer to the question that "why old products are better". The video we share for you to check out today shows us an old Kenworth truck that looks absolutely magnificent. This is an oldie but goldie 1983 Kenworth K-100 truck that will catch your attention at the very first second of the video. The video demonstrates us this '83 truck in full detail, allowing us to enjoy it as a whole. Let alone driving such a gorgeous machine, seeing it through our screen is a chance. We don't know how much you would pay for this big big toy, but it sure is priceless.

If you're an enthusiast of trucks, especially Kenworths, you should check today's video, take a look at this '83 Kenworth K-100 and make your day better!