Czech Truck Trial Race: Tatra 813

Life is about falling and rising. When you rise, you can't guarantee that you won't fall soon. When you
fall, you can't say that you won't rise again. The life itself is a struggle and you have to try hard to exist,
especially when conditions are challenging. In today's video, we're going to see a perfect example for
that: a great struggle to exist when things around are going hard. If you are interested in truck then we
presume that you already know about Tatra, a prominent Czech vehicle manufacturer that is the world's
third oldest company producing cars non-interruptedly. Today's video, which get more than forty million
views on YouTube, demonstrates the struggle of a Tatra 813 truck that partially slide down the hill,
facing a great danger to get ruined in a few seconds. This video makes us see how dangerous and
challenging being a truck driver can be. We don't know how he got there in the first place and we don't
know how he will manage to get out there. To learn the answer, hit the play button, check the video and
leave your comment. We want learn what you think!