1974 Kenworth 12v71 Logging Truck Returns Home After a Long and Tiring Journey

Do you describe yourself as a person who is remarkably good at expressing himself?

If you do then you can express the feeling of returning home after a long, tiring and challenging journey. You can expressively say how relaxing it is to see the home when you spent a long time away. It is one of the most heart-warming moments one can ever feel. In today's video, we're going to witness such a heart- warming moment, but with one difference. Who returns home is not a person, but a truck. Nicknamed as Big James, this 1974 Kenworth 1271 truck is filmed while returning home tired after Brooks Oregon truck show where it got lots of attention. Big James is actually a logging truck often loaded with gigantic logs as you can also see in today's video. After decades of service, this Big James is still big and strong with its classy appearance and absolutely gorgeous sound. It makes you want to switch to the country life and be a lumberjack.

Check out the video to take a detailed look to this sweet machine, see how beautiful it really is, please your ears with the way it sounds and let us know if you would like to drive such a truck in the comment below!