Brave French Truck Driver Tries To Drive Through a Narrow Street

We said for hundred times, we're saying it now and we will say it again! Truck driving is a physically and psychologically challenging profession.

Think about it! Managing a huge truck, sometimes loaded with precious goods, sometimes loaded with hazardous materials, sometimes empty, is not a simple task to do. You have to have so many things, including a high intelligence, advanced driving skills, experience, manual dexterity and passion. Being away from home for weeks stretches your nerves, taking the responsibility of carrying the goods loaded in the truck safely puts some extra burden on your shoulders. Harsh weather and road conditions tire you and your truck. But, if you're experienced enough and feel a passion then everything becomes easy for you just like for the truck driver you're going to see in today's video. Filmed in France, today's video demonstrates us a huge red truck trying to drive through a narrow street. The truck is long and the street is so narrow that seeing this truck driving is like watching a horror movie.

Check out the video to feel the chill inside and pay your respects to this driver with balls made out of metal.