Elegance That Comes With 18 Wheels: Mike Ingram 261'' ARI Legacy Sleeper

Do you love big rigs? Who doesn't, right? Who doesn't get impressed against a gigantic big rig that stands still on its 18 wheels?

Even though you are not a big enthusiast of big rigs, you will love the one you're going to see in today's video because it's apparently built to be loved. What you're going to see in today's video is Mr. Mike Ingram 2020 W-990 conventional with a 445'' wheelbase and 261'' custom ARI Legacy Sleeper. This is a tremendous big rig that looks fantastic with everything it has in and on it. We don't think it would be practical to have such a big and long vehicle, but spending one or two hours driving this badass machine would be an unforgettable memory for many of us.

Watch the video to see more about this excellent piece of machinery, enjoy its every single detail and witness to the elegance that comes with eighteen wheels! We guarantee that you'll like it!