Here's One of the Longest Trucks You Can Ever See on the Streets!

Trucks are one of the strongest and most preferred vehicles of transportation in every part of the globe.

They are designed and built to carry even the heaviest things. They come in different types, models, sizes and shapes, including tankers, pickup trucks, logging trucks, fire trucks, tow trucks, tipper trucks and so more. Whether you carry livestock, heavy equipment, household goods, machine parts, humans or your own self, trucks are always the safest choice. So whatever you may think about them, they are among the most useful and practical vehicles every built. In today's truly shocking video filmed in Portland, you're going to see a truck, but an extraordinary one. This is an exceptionally long truck that grabs the attention of people looking at it at the very first second. It's hard to believe how such a big truck drives safely on the streets without causing an injury or accident. The driver must have balls made of steel. The truck itself is actually not that long. It's just an average size truck. What makes it that long is the steerable dolly at the back which is not an original part of the truck. But, who cares! It's a hell of long truck and it looks badass.

Check out the video to say "Wow!" and enjoy it!