Indian Truck Driver in Extreme Action with 4X4 TATA Truck

Here on this website, we have presented you maybe thousands of videos about trucks and said you that being a truck driver is one of the most challenging professions in the world!

If you had chance to drive a truck, a big one in particular, then you can relate how hard this job physically and mentally. There are so many thing s you should have and pay attention. Advanced driving skills, analytic thinking, manual dexterity, experience, strength and so on. As you can also agree depending on the previous videos you have seen, not everyone can be a good truck driver! In today's video, however, we're checking out a good one! A really good one! Watching this super exciting video, you're going to see a 4X4 badass truck and its skillful driver while in extreme action. It's a TATA logging truck loaded with gigantic logs. What makes this ride extreme is the soil condition. It rains and the soil is extremely muddy, making it super hard to drive.

Check out this extreme video filmed in India, see how successfully the driver handles the harsh situation and leave your comment what would you do if you were the driver!