Crazy Girlfriend Drives Huge Kenworth Truck Like a Pro!

Have you ever wondered why most women don't have a thing for cars? Why men always and prejudicially say women are bad drivers!

It's well known and generally accepted all around the world that women are not interested in cars as much as men are, but some of them may be into cars and can be really good at driving. In today's super enjoyable fun video, we're checking out such a woman! A woman who drives a Kenworth truck like she's a professional! Filmed by his boyfriend, this skillful woman takes the Cummins 335 powered Kenworth truck for a spin and has some real fun! It's great to see a woman drive such big trucks successfully as it's rare. Well done, young lady! You do this job just right! A woman can do anything a man can do. Hit the play button to watch the video till the seconds. See this wonder woman driving a Kenworth like a boss and enjoy!

After watching the video, ask your wife or girlfriend if she wants to or can drive a truck on her own!