Life-Long Trucker Lives in a Sleeper Truck Designed as a Mansion!

Have you ever dreamed of living somewhere else than your house? In a van, for example? In a tent? In a mobile home? How would it be?

Would it be enjoyable or miserable? Well, it depends on the place you live, your budget and your living standards, but in today's very interesting video, we're checking out an inspiring story of a brave nomad who lives in a truck! Watching this video, you're going to take a tour of a badass sleeper truck owned by a life-long trucker, Stan. He is not only the driver of this truck, but also the builder of it. It will be a real surprise for you to see how comfortable and large this sleeper truck is and to find out how much room it has inside. This truck has everything inside. A comfortable bed, a kitchen with all needed tools, an oven, large cabinets, a shower, a toilet bowl, everything! Who could imagine a sleeper truck would be such an amazing mansion! Would you live in such an over sized truck?

Watch this inspire- giving video and let us know what you think about this life style. Maybe it will be a start for the new nomad life style!