Strong Wind Wafts the Huge Truck Like a Feather-Must See!!!

Gone With the Wind! We bet most of you know something about this famous novel of Margaret Mitchell and the epic historical romance film adapted from the novel in 1939.

It is one of the most iconic movies in the American film industry. The video we're going to see today, however, has nothing to do with the movie. It's actually about the name of it! Watching this jaw-dropping video, you're going to see something almost gone with the wind. It's not a piece of trash, not a tree or not a roof that the wind wafts. It's a huge truck that weighs thousands of pounds! The worse thing is that the truck is driving on the road! Imagine yourself driving this truck, the wind blows so strong that it sweeps the truck as if it's a piece of feather weighting a couple grams. Truck driving is a huge challenge, guys! That's for sure! Fortunately, the driver of this poor truck is apparently so skillful and experienced that he manages to drive the truck safely. Pulling the truck over and waitng for the wind to calm down would be a safer solution, though!

Check out this nightmare-like footage, appreciate the effort of this brilliant driver and leave your comment down below!