This is What We Call Power, Unimog Power!

What's your definition of power? What is power for you? Do you find yourself powerful? What is the most powerful thing you have ever seen?

Who is the most powerful person you have ever known? The Oxford Dictionary defines the word power as "the ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way". But, it's sure more than that! Each of us has our own definition for power and today, we're checking out a visual demonstration for that! Today's video shows us how powerful a vehicle can be! We hear you asking what vehicle is this. Well, this is a Unimog! Some of you may not know what a Unimog is! For those who don't have an idea, let us introduce it first! A Unimog is technically a multi-purpose all-wheel drive medium truck manufactured by Daimler and marketed by Mercedes-Benz. First developed in the early 1940s, Unimog trucks were and are still used for various purposes, including military, constructional, agricultural and private missions. In today's video, you're going to see this brilliant truck as a life- saver. It saves a huge Land Rover stuck in mud and proves its astounding power.

Check it out to see how this badass Unimog plays the saver and comment below!