You Can Fit Everything You Own in This Custom Built Peterbilt Truck

Have you ever dreamed of packing all of your stuff and hitting the road where it leads you? We mean everything you own by saying all your stuff, not just a backpack as we see in the movies full of clichés.

If you want to do so, what is you is the machine you're going to see in today's video. It is nothing but a fantastic Peterbilt big rig! This perfect custom built truck that looks like a tremendous mechanical caterpillar with its green-black paintjob belongs to Bootlegger Pulling Team. The truck is large and long that taking to a trip with it must be like staying in a five star hotel. Think all the things you can fit in it! You can carry your entire house with it! It would be great if we had more detailed and technical information about this fascinating piece of machinery, but it's still cool to check it through our screens. We can't imagine how exciting it would be to see it in person. This is not something we can see on the roads every day!

Click on the play button, watch this awesome big rig in action, feast your eyes and have some real fun!