A Jewel is Always a Jewel: 1984 Kenworth K100 Stuck in Mud Still Looks Great!

Naturally, a jewel is a type of stone. Coal, granite and marble are also types of stone, but they're not as valuable and attractive as a piece of jewel.

No one treats a piece of granite and wears it as a necklace. No one can sell a tiny piece of marble for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Whether it's dirty or broken, a jewel is always valuable. A jewel covered completely in mud is still a jewel. It doesn't lose anything from its value; it only shines a little bit less, but it's still more precious than stones. In today's video, which you're all gonna watch with attention, we're checking out such a case. A precious machine unluckily got stuck in the mud out there in an open field. This is a 1987 Kenworth K100 Cab Over Truck powered by a 3406 Caterpillar Diesel engine, perfectly powerful enough to produce 425hp. Even though it gets stuck in mud, it's still an awesome truck and it still looks badass. If you're interested in seeing a jewel like Kenworth truck and how it shines bright covered in mud then you should check out today's video.

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