Kenworth T2000 Truck Used by Cirque Zavatta Looks Like the Perfect Motorhome

We said it before, we're saying it now and we will say it again! Kenworth builds the best trucks ever!

Founded in 1923 by two brilliant entrepreneurs, H.W Kent and E.K Worthington, this renowned company with hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers manufactures the world's most reliable, durable and the safest medium and heavy-duty trucks. It combines the art of designing with breathtaking craftsmanship and mechanical dexterity and years of experience to come up with the best looking and functioning products. The video presented on this page today demonstrates you one of the coolest products of Kenworth: T2000. This is not a simple truck we used to see on the roads. It's something truly exceptional. Used by the Cirque Zavatta, this spectacular machine is so big that it looks like not a semi truck, but a motorhome. Imagine travelling the world with such beautiful truck and visiting all the places you've always wanted to see. You never miss your home because you can actually travel with it.

Watch the video to see how large this Kenworth truck is and let us know what would you do if you were the owner of it!