Lawless: Incredible Peterbilt 379 Truck Makes You Forget Laws and Rules

There are some moments in life that make you forget everything. The time, your identity, everything! Some of these moments are good like the birth of your very firs kid while some of them can be really bad like the death of a beloved one.

Now imagine that you're having a good moment in which you see the world's one of the coolest machines. How does it make you feel? Does it make you excited? Jealous or just amazed? We don't know what would be your exact reaction against a cool car, but we surely know that you're all gonna like the machine you're going to see in today's video! This is a matte black Peterbilt 379 semi truck, but there's nothing semi about it. It's modified by a professional team from front to rear and looks strikingly cool. Imagine seeing it driving down the streets and stopping at the red lines right beside your vehicle. Wouldn't you forget everything around and keep your eyes on it zooming in every single detail? Nicknamed as "Lawless", this badass truck is so perfect that it can make you forget even the laws and rules.

Check out today's video to enjoy the unique beauty of this excellent machine and don't forget to leave your comment down below!