Not for Everyone: Gifted Driver Performs Miracles with 3 Stick Shifting Kenworth W900L

Are you familiar with the common slang? If you are then you probably know what does "stick shifting" mean; if you're not you can infer it!

Stick shifting simply means to drive a car with manual transmission. Driving a stick is way trickier than driving a car with an automatic transmission. For some drivers, driving a stick shift is as easy as riding a bicycle. For some others, on the contrary, stick shifting is as complex as quantum physics. A task that seems impossible! Many drivers never learn how to drive a car with manual transmission. So they always go for automatic cars and pay more for it. When you got the ability to drive a stick shift, however, it will allow you to drive any kind of vehicle regardless of it being an automatic or manual. After you acquire the skill, technique and enough experience, you will never struggle again.

In today's video which hit more than eight million YouTube views, you're going to see a driver driving a Kenworth W900L conventional cab truck with three sticks. The way he manages these fancy sticks implies that he's a real professional. It's not for every truck driver!

Check the video to see how this skillful driver performs miracles with the sticks and enjoy the sweet turbo sound!