8.1 LS Big Block Powered Mack B Truck is Looking Sick!

Some of us are interested in muscle cars. Some of us find motorcycles attractive. Some of us are the lovers of hot rods.

Some of us are enthusiasts of rat rods. Some of us are looking for customs of all kinds and some of us go for trucks. Today, we present a worthwhile video for dedicated truck fans. Watching this video of one minute only, you're going to see a rather forgotten truck. A Mack B! Some of you may not even know what it is!

Mack B was a line of heavy trucks designed, manufactured and marketed by Mack Trucks, an American truck-making company, between the years 1953 and 1966. The one in the video is a sick Mack B and powered by a badass 8.1 LS Big Block Chevy engine. It would be even better if the engine was a Diesel. The paintjob is particularly worth to see and gives the truck a rat rod look.

Click right on the play button, watch the video till the end, enjoy the music, see how cool this Mack B truck really is and let us know what you think about it!