That's "Filthy": Amazing "Burnout" Truck Makes 900Hp and is Street Legal!

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With more than two hundred and fifty thousand subscribers from all around the globe, this channel shares the coolest videos about the coolest cars! Today, you'll find one of them on this very page! What you're going to see watching it is a matchless truck that will give you an intense aesthetic pleasure! Nicknamed as "Filthy", it is a technically a burnout truck, but it's doubtlessly more than being just that! 'Filthy' is the world's first full custom-road registered burnout truck. For those who don't know what it is, the term "burnout" refers to the practice of keeping a vehicle stationary while spinning its wheels so the tires heat up and produce smoke. Michael Lake, a dedicated auto-fan from Truckin Stainless in Brisbane, Australia, spent seven years working really hard for days and nights just to build his latest burnout model, the Filthy. He built the Filthy particularly to entertain the burnout-loving crowds all across the Australia, while doing it he also made sure to create a vehicle that was practical and street-legal for his own pleasure. After all, what's the point of making a vehicle that you're not allowed to drive? What is powering this mesmerizing truck is a quad-turbocharged 28-liter Cummins engine that is capable of producing 900 horsepower and 4.000 foot pounds of torque!

Watch today's video to witness the glory of this jaw-dropping truck and have some quality fun!