Monster Jacaré Mad Max is the Dictionary Definition of Rat Rod

Rust, aka iron dioxide, the chemical Fe2O3! With the simplest definition, the rust is the layer that occurs on the surface of iron as it oxidizes.

This dangerous chemical compound comes in many different forms of iron and oxygen. It's reddish orange or sometimes light brown in color. Rust has destructive effects on iron alloys. The rusting process may eventually end up with a ruined iron alloy that cannot function for the purpose it is produced. Rust has also bad effects on health. Even though it is, on its own, has no harm to one's health, it may trigger the growth of specific type of bacteria that gives path to tetanus. We do not want to see rust on any part of our homes, but when it comes to our vehicles some of us prefer rusty! The rusty, dirty appearance of rat rods attracts our attention like no other vehicle does. They look worn-out, but they also look interestingly beautiful. This is what makes rat rods special, we guess. In today's video, we're checking out a real, we mean "real", rat rod: Monster Jacaré Mad Max Rat Rod. This fascinating machine is like the dictionary meaning of rat rod. It looks like it's completely covered with a thick layer of dust. Watching the video, you can enjoy even the smallest details of this delicious machine.

Check it out, see what is a real rat rod and leave your comment below!