"Mamute": Engesa-Mercedes Benz LG-1519 6X6 Truck is Built to Overcome All the Obstacles

As most of us have seeing eyes and seeing is usually the main sense of us appearance of things bears a huge significance.

This is the case for almost everything, including the vehicles. A vehicle looking bad doesn't attract our attention so appearance matters, But not all vehicles are built to look good. Some are designed and specially manufactured to endure and overcome all kinds of obstacles. The "Mamute" is such a vehicle! Today's video demonstrates us Engesa-Mercedes Benz LG-1519 6X6 truck while in action. Nicknamed as "Mamute", this ultra-functional vehicle is a 6X6 general utility truck with a unique design, increased mobility and enhanced versatility. It's also possible to use it for commercial purposes. It takes its power from a Mercedes-Benz OM-355 engine and it gives the truck a roaring sound. Watching the video, you can see the "Mamute" driving through the roads and climbing on small hills. Fear no obstacle when you have the Mamute!

Check out today's fantastic video and enjoy the great performance of this ingeniously built 6X6 truck!