Texas Chrome Shop's "Project One" is to Mesmerize at the Very First Glance!

When it comes to trucks Peterbilt takes a step forward as a true legend. Established in 1969, Peterbilt Motor Company is the prominent manufacturer of the world's most durable medium and heavy-duty trucks.

Stunning machines designed and built by the professional team of Peterbilt inspire the custom shops and their designers, giving them brilliant ideas and a desire, an ambition to built something similar or even better. Texas Chrome Shop is one of these Peterbilt-inspired custom shop Texas Chrome Shop is a service shop built by Mendez Trucking's owner Raul Mendez and his lovely family in 2003. This accomplished service shop offers its customers a great variety of services, ultimate satisfaction, honest prices and high quality work and of course, respect for almost two decades. In today's video, we're checking out the "Project One", 1998 Peterbilt 397 that was on display at the Texas Chrome Shop booth. What you will notice when you throw your first glance at the Project One is the cleanness. The truck looks so spick-and-span that it's just like it has never been exposed to air. As you keep looking at it, you also keep noticing different details. It's a beautiful truck that apparently took so many hours of hardwork, so much time, so much money and so much effort. Thanks for the builder and thanks for the guy who filmed it, letting us see this breathtaking masterpiece.

Now just lean back, click on the play button and watch the video. You won't regret it!