154 Feet Space Shuttle External Fuel Tank Parades Through the Streets of Los Angeles

Ever heard of something about Space Shuttle External Fuel Tank? The Space Shuttle External Tank (ET) is technically a main component of the Space Shuttle launch vehicle.

It is largest element of the Space Shuttle and the heaviest one when loaded. It also consists of three main components. The 154 feet tank is taller than the Statue of Liberty (151 feet) and features approximately 480,000 different parts. It can hold up to 530,000gallons of propellants. The skin of the tank is less than 0,25 inches thick but it's designed to be able to hold more than 1.5 million pounds of propellant. It is covered with spray-on foam that keeps the liquid hydrogen at -423 degrees F. even under the direct rays of the sun. In today's video, we're checking out this magnificent built while passing through the streets of Los Angeles and parading foe the lucky community. Seeing such a massive and significant tank would be an amazing memory that you will never ever forget till the last day of your life.

Watch the video to see the excitement in people's eyes and enjoy!