Compilation of Crazy Drivers Using Runaway Truck Ramps

Have you ever seen a runaway truck ramp on the side of a highway? If you have then you probably wondered what its purpose is, how it works and why people use them.

Well, let us explain first! A runaway truck ramp, also called as escape lane, emergency ramp and truck arrester bed, ,s a traffic solution that allows vehicles (mostly trucks) with brake problems stop safely without causing any damage or accident. It's typically a long lade connected to the main road and is designed to diminish a vehicle's kinetic energy gradually to make it stop in a controlled and safe way. In today's video, we're checking out an interesting compilation of crazy drivers using runaway truck ramps to stop their vehicles, which are apparently having a brake problem. This terrible compilation shows us once again that being a truck driver is a not an easy peasy lemon squeezy job. It's a profession that requires a lot and it can be really dangerous both for you and for other when you're not experienced and skillful enough!

Check out this insane compilation till the end to see how drivers deal with their fatal problems and appreciate their braveness!