Final Destination 2 Was 'Bout to Happen: Insane Guy Drives a Loaded Logging Truck Dangerously

Do you remember the flatbed log truck with a huge load of wood from the movie Final Destination 2?

Here, we present you a footage that will make you feel as scared as this iconic horror-thriller movie did years ago. In today's video, we're checking out a tremendous logging truck with a completely crazy driver in it. The truck is loaded with tens of logs weighting maybe tens of tonnes, but the driver doesn't care about it, apparently. He drives the truck like a real psycho and gives a damn about neither his life nor the others'. The interesting part about this video is that the driver is so skillful that he manages to drive the truck without cause any accident even with such a heavy load and even on such a dangerous road.

Watch the video till the end to feel the chill down your spine and let us know what you think about this crazy driver!