World's Most Custom Kenworth Truck Ever by Raul Mendez's Texas Chrome Shop

When Raul Mendez, a brilliant mind in automotive industry, migrated to U.S. not only with his hopes and dreams but also with a great dedication and advanced skills, almost 37 years ago, a big step has been taken for the world of customization.

Thanks to the sweat he shed while working so hard, he managed to establish Mendez Trucking, a company that treats their drivers and customers just right. In 2003, Raul and his beloved family built a service shop, today known as Texas Chrome, to extend the Mendez style service they offer to their customers and fellow drivers. Raul Mendez, his accomplished company and his lovely family continue to serve as a great example of how dedication, patience, hard work and success can make even the hardest dreams come true. The video we share today shows us the "world's most custom" truck built by the Texas Chrome Shop. This extraordinary machine is customized from the ground to the top. It is equipped with materials of the highest quality and details which are truly stunning. You can't see such truck every day!

Check it out and appreciate this beauty!