Miniature Jet Fighter Flies 500KM/H

Have an opportunity to be a witness of catching breath racing McLaren sport car with two RC Fighter Jets and another RC jets, helicopters from flying club. We can be able take a look, walk around, explanations in details, professional animation, fly and land, shows us high developed remote control skills.

RC (Radio-Controlled) fighter jets are models of real-life military aircraft and operated remotely by a pilot on the ground. The RC jets have compact size, complexity, well good performance. These type of jets taking speed about 500km/h. This is as a joyful hobby which can be realize in outside life in wide area. Combining elements of aviation, engineering, and craftsmanship into a useful hobby. Many RC fighter jets are characterized with realism and appeal of these models, their real life using ability. Also their remote control depends from owner skills.

Nice trip with pleasant moments, gorgeous and creative look of RC Fighter Jets, outside life realization, great performance we can see in this video. Take a look to RC craft as a worldwide creative and practical hobby, watch and enjoy!