R/C Model Concorde Air France Cargo Hits the Sky and Flies Perfectly

What do you think about R/Cs? Do you like them? Do you have one of them? Would you like to have one of them? We always had and have a tendency for R/Cs.

Whether they are trucks, trailers or aircrafts, small scaled remotely controlled vehicles are always fun to see and play! This is exactly why we keep sharing videos about them. For the fun of us and yours! Today, we are again proud to present you just another R/C video! What we're checking out in today's video is the world's one of the biggest R/C airplanes: Concorde Air France Cargo. This is a private-owned R/C built professionally from the scratch. It has a length of 10 meters from the rear end to the front and it weighs 140 kilograms. It is powered by 4XTurbine engines and it flies smoothly in the sky. Imagine spending your weekend by playing with this amazing big toy and having barrels of fun. Wouldn't be fantastic!

To see how the world's one of the biggest R/C airplanes hits the sky and flies excellently then you should click on the play button, watch the video and enjoy your time! You won't regret, we promise!