1/16 Models of MC Donnel Douglas MD-11 Airplanes Performs Synchronized Flight

We have two letters! R and C. These two may not mean anything for some of you, but they mean a lot for thousands of people from all corners of the world!

R/C! People from many countries and from many backgrounds gather all together in specially organized events and have barrels of fun playing with excellently built R/Cs. These R/Cs are sometimes wagons,
sometimes trucks, tractors and sometimes they are aircrafts that really hit the sky and fly over us. For enthusiasts, there must be nothing more satisfying to pilot a well-built R/C aircraft and controlling its motions in the sky. In today's video with more than thirty-five million views, you're going to see the world's two of the coolest R/C aircrafts: 1/16 scale models of MC Donnel Douglas MD-11. Powered by a turbine engine, the R/C has a wingspan of 3.30 mand length of 3.90 m. Pilots Denis Hesse and Norbert Rauch perform a synchronized flight with the R/Cs and it's gonna blow your mind! How exciting to see such masterpieces up in the sky!

If you want to cheer up your day with these two amazing R/C airplanes, hit the play button without waiting even for a second, watch the video like you are drinking ice cold water in a boiling summer day and enjoy!