1/4 Scale Grave Digger With Stinger 609 Engine

Everything started with Dennis Anderson's, a legendary American monster truck driver, coming up with a groundbreaking idea in 1981, almost four decades ago!

The idea was to build a monster truck that will make the other monster trucks forgotten! The Grave Digger! Originally built out of an old 1951 Chevy Panel Wagon and spare parts that Anderson picked up from various junkyards, Grave Digger is today's most remarkable monster truck! It is one of the most decorated monster trucks on the planet and Anderson has won several Monster Jam World Finals with it! It runs on a 540 cubic inch Merlin engine making up to 1450 horsepower. In today's video, we're checking out this iconic machine, but not the real size one. What you're going to see in this video is the 1/4 scale radio-controlled model of the Grave Digger. A Conley Stinger 609 powers up this little monster. It must be good to see the Grave Digger even if it's a small scaled one! If you want to cheer up your day and have some good fun then don't hesitate to see this video.

Check it out and enjoy the little Grave Digger!