Remotely-Controlled Lawn Mower

Have you ever wondered what is the biggest impetus behind the big inventions? It always said that most inventions and developments are the fruits of humans' being lazy.

Finding an easier, quicker, cheaper way is what feeds the greatest inventions, but this time the source of progress is not laziness, but a good inspiration! The video we offer you to see right here today shows us a brilliant creation built by a brilliant man. He is apparently inspired by the history's greatest inventors and came up with such a cool machine that he built on and by his own. What he built is something extremely useful and something that you all would like to have one in your houses. This is a remotely-controlled lawn mower that actually functions. You can mow your lawn while enjoying the remote-control at the same time. The machine took a couple of months to be completed and used. The mower deck is 48 inches and the machine runs on 28 marine batteries. Quite a power for such a machine!

The video shows and narrates us this fantastic machine. Check it out, see how it works and enjoy it as a whole!