Chengdu FC-1 RC Turbine Model Jet Flight Show

We all dreamed of being a stylish pilot that hits the sky every day, operates a huge machine and feels the freedom in his veins.

Such a life, such a fun! Not all of us was lucky enough to pursuit our childhood dreams, though! When you fail to be a pilot, but still carry the desire to fly within yourself then R/C airplanes are just for you! Built in every size, model and brand, radio-controlled airplanes give us a good opportunity to see how it feels to operate an airplane. This is a priceless experience for enthusiasts! Today, we're proud to present you a spectacular R/C video to check and enjoy! What you're going to see in today's excellent video is a small scaled Chengdu FC-1 model R/C airplane! Powered by a Turbine JetCat 220RXi, this R/C Chengdu flies like a vulture. It has a wingspan of 2.00 m and a length of 3.10m. It weighs 18 kilograms, meaning that you can take this big big toy to anywhere you go.

Thumbs of for such a nicely built R/C and appreciate the breathtaking skills of the pilot, Ralph Loseman! See today's video and see a real R/C!