RC Concorde Jet Model - 149KG & 10m

Flying had always been a passion for human beings. We associate the action flying with freedom and envy the birds for being able to fly as the want.

Fueled by this passion, we made designs and inventions to go from some point to another through the air and finally, after years and years of search and trying, we managed to fly freely on air. Since our very first attempts to fly, it has been countless developments that eventually resulted in sending surface searching vehicle to the moon and the Mars. What a progress! We all carry a desire to fly within ourselves, but some of us bring this desire toa step further. They built special models, spending hours and days and then they fly what they built. Not all of us are lucky enough to aviate a real size airplane and hit the way where heavens lead them. At this very point, they find the solution in radio-controlled airplanes and they go for it. R/C airplanes have their own dedicated fans and these fans play with the R/Cs like they have nothing to do else. What we're checking out in today's video is another R/C madness! Watching it, you're going to see the world's largest R/C Concorde jet. Piloted by Otto Widlroither, this Air-France design Concorde has a wingspan of 4 meters, length of 10 meters and a height of 1,85 meter. It weighs 140 kilograms. It looks truly amazing with all the details.

If you love R/Cs then you should see this video. You'll like it for sure!