RC Cobra VIPER Helicopter With Working Guns

Have you ever spent some time piloting an R/C aircraft or driving an R/C vehicle of any kind? Have you ever played with an R/C like you are a 5-year old boy awarded by his parent with a brand new toy?

Have you ever enjoyed playing with an R/C and felt like hours goes by minutes? If you have then you can know and feel what we mean. If you haven't yet we definitely recommend you to try! Being dedicated lovers of R/C vehicles of all kinds, we never stop sharing videos about such amazing machines. We enjoy watching them and we know that you do too! In today's video, for example, you're going to see just another R/C that will please you visually and aurally. What you're going to see in today's video is the small-scaled R/C model of Cobra AH1-Z Viper Helicopter with working guns. While watching the video, you'll see that this R/C helicopter is extremely realistic and looks truly impressive.

Watch the video, pay attention to every single detail, even the smallest ones, see how it flies up in the sky and enjoy! It is everybody's dream to own such a cool toy!