1/15 Size Model Big Rc A-380 Airbus

Loving something enthusiastically is always good. When it comes to vehicles, there are hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts about almost any vehicle exists on this planet.

Hot rods, mud trucks, heavily modified automobiles, luxury cars, lawnmowers, airplanes, ferry boats, log trucks, pickups and of course, R/Cs. R/C is such type of vehicle that thousands of people gather all together to spend time with it. They build R/Cs and they play with them like kids. It is good to grown men playing with a small scaled vehicle like a 5 year old boy. In today's video, we're checking out a breathtaking R/C airplane. This is a tremendous replica of Airbus A380-800 of Singapore Airlines. It not only looks exactly the same as the real size one, but also sounds like it. It is piloted by Michael Brauer and built by Peter Michel. This excellently built 1:15 sized model has a length of 4.8 meters, a wingspan of 5.3 meters. It weighs almost 71 kilograms and has a fuel capacity of 10 liters. Running on a 4xJetcat P120 jet turbine engine, this gigantic R/C is the dream toy for all enthusiasts.

Check out the video till the end, see how it flies and have real fun!