R/C Hot Rod VW

Do you have a backyard? If you do then you probably know very well how much fun is to spend some time in your backyard!

Sweeping the fallen leaves, mowing the lawns, cultivating little veggies, playing with your dog, doing something creative! There are a lot of thing that you can enjoy in your backyard and if you are an enthusiast of model cars then you can enjoy more thing! You can build your own small scaled models and enjoy driving them in your backyard. It makes you spend some quality time far away from the crushing burden of stress of daily life. The nature soothes you and you can feel the happiness and satisfaction of building something on and for your own. In today's video, we're checking out such a nice example for that. What you're going to see when you hit your pointer to the iconic red play button is a backyard hot rod which is cool and cute at the same time. This is the first ever run of this one-of-a-kind backyard hot rod and it looks totally crazy!

Check today's video to see how this cutie drives perfectly!