Russian Huge Rc Kalinin K-7 Aircraft Flies Just Well

The world's first successfully flying airplane was invented and built by two American brothers, but when it comes to military airplanes, Russians make the best!

History showed that for many times. What we're going to check out in today's video is a Russian aircraft, not a full-size but an R/C model! It's a huge R/C model of Kalinin K7, a heavy experimental designed, built and used by Soviet Union in 1930's. It was used for heavy bombing and civilian transport. When compared to ordinary R/C aircrafts, this one is tremendous and has a wingspan of almost 20 feet. It is equipped with six front one rear engine, all of which starts individually and manually. Don't hesitate and wait to hit the play button and see how this excellently built R/C Kalinin K7 aircrafts flies in the sky like a fierce eagle. The amount of craftsmanship and hardwork they put in this awesome R/C aircraft will make you thumbs up automatically.

Check it out till the end and this beautiful work of ingenious craftsmanship!