Big RC Concorde Airplane: 149kg weight & 10m length

R/C is a passion for thousands of people from all around the world and we're here to feed this passion for you. As we are also dedicated enthusiasts of R/Cs we keep searching all through the internet and try to find you the very best videos like the one you're going to see right on this page today!

Filmed in Germany, where engineering reaches it peak, his crazy video shows us the world's largest R/C Concorde model plane. As known by many, Concorde is the first supersonic passenger-carrying commercial plane designed and built jointly by British and French engineers. It made its debut in 1973 and put out of service in 2003. The R/C model of Concorde is as cool and impressive as the original. It is so big that it has a take-off weight of 149 kilograms, length of 10 meters, wingspan of 4 meters and an air tank capacity of 30 liters. It runs on a 4x JetCat P300 Pro. The video shows us this excellent creation flying up in the sky like a boss and it makes you want to fly.

Hit the iconic play button to take a look at the world's largest Concorde airplane model, see how it flies, pay your respect to the builder and have some real fun!