1/16 Scale R/C Antonov AN-225: The World's Largest Cargo Aircraft!

What's special with R/Cs that attracts us that much? Why they are so important for some us that they spend hours and hours to build and play with them?

The answers for these questions will vary for each enthusiast, but R/Cs draws the attention of millions of people from all around the world. If you one of these people then don't hesitate and hit the play button! What we're checking out in today's video with more than two million YouTube views is a tremendous 1/16 scale model of Antonov AN-225 cargo aircraft. It is titled to be the world's largest cargo aircraft. At 290 feet, it has the largest wingspan of any aircraft in operational service. That's 10 feet short of the length of a football field. It's not only the largest, but also the longest operational aircraft in the world, at 275 feet, 7 inches. It is so big that its landing gear system has 32 wheels. It was originally designed in the 1980s by the Soviet Union to carry the Buran spacecraft. There is only one operational An-275 in the world. A second one was completed, but never put into operation. The 1/16 scale model in the video has a wingspan of 5.8 meters and 2x Behotec JB -180/ 4Xx 90er EDF 6s engines.

Watch the video to see this gigantic toy flying up in the sky and enjoy!