Homemade Miniature Tractors with Awesome Craftsmanship

Here are some question for all of you to think about and answer! Does making something smaller make it also more attractive?

Why we pay so much attention to miniaturized versions of objects? There are museums, shows and fairs dedicated to such kind of miniatures. Why do people come a long way to visit these museums and shows? There are no certain answers for these questions, but there's one thing for sure! Miniaturized objects and small scaled models attract the attention of most people. For this very reason, we today present an amazing video of a brilliant guy having some time with his handmade miniature tractors. Products of hardworking, effort, dedication and advanced skills, these tractors, one are Massey Ferguson 1200 tractor and the other is Massey Ferguson 165 tractor. Tractors are all built by this skillful man and they look super realistic! They're operated with remote control, these tractors also drive perfectly. Would you like to play with them? Who wouldn't, right?

Watch this fantastic video to take a closer look at these miniature tractors built with an awesome craftsmanship, pay your respects to the builder and let us know what you think about them!