Awesome R/C Model of Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit Strategic Bomber

Driving is a great experience that makes you feel the power. Whether you drive a simple pickup bought with a little saving or a luxury car worth of hundreds of thousands of dollars, you feel the same sense of control, making you feel strong and confident.

If driving a vehicle on the land makes one that happy, how would operating a aircraft make you feel
? It's hard to put this feeling into words. It's pity that only very few of us are lucky enough to operate an aircraft. At this very point, R/Cs come to help. R/C vehicles offer enthusiasts a great chance to experience operating an aircraft. In today's video, we're checking out an amazing R/C that you all would like to play. It's an extremely realistic model of Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit Strategic Bomber. One of the most survivable aircrafts in the world, the B-2 Spirit is the only United States aircraft that combines long range, large payload and stealth. It's capable of carrying more than 20 tons of conventional and nuclear ordnance. The R/C model has a wingspan of 4.35 meters and flies flawlessly.

Check out the video to see this gorgeous model exploring the sky and leave your comment down below