1:4 Scale F-16 Turbine Jet Flies Like A Free Bird

Have you ever wondered why seeing the miniature versions of everyday things make us happy? Why do we find them cute? Why do we want to "play" with them?

We don't know the exact answer for these questions, but what we know is that small scaled models, especially small scaled radio-controlled aircrafts, amuse us like nothing can do! In today's video, we're checking out a great looking R/C aircraft that catches all eyes on itself! Watching this video that hit more than twenty million views on YouTube, you're going to see a 1:4 scale F-16 radio-controlled turbine jet that really flies. It is so finely detailed that it's hard to recognize it from the original one. It looks like it can bomb the ISIS! The video shows us this amazing f-16 turbine jet while flying up in the sky like a free bird. It's a privilege to see such a professionally built machine in action. What a viewing pleasure!

Check out the video to take a deep look at this 1:4 scale F-16 Turbine Jet to witness the high performance of it and don't forget to leave your comment down below!