R/C at Its Best: 3D Printed Snow Blower Performs an Impressive Show!

R/C is a passion for sure! It attracts the attention of millions of people from all around the globe. There are special gatherings about them.

Hundreds of enthusiasts come all together to see them. There are special shops for them. Lovers buy expensive products to built, or play with them. Whether they are as big as a lawn mower or as small as a rat, R/Cs are great machines to have fun. We never get sick of seeing them and we hope you feel so, too. Shared by RCSparks Studio, a very interesting YouTube channel with almost three million subscribers, today's video demonstrates us an awesome R/C that you all would like to see. Not only to see, of course, but also to own and play with. This is not an ordinary R/C we're use to see in videos. This is a 3D printed one and what makes it special is that it really works! It's a snow blower and it blows snow. It is upgraded upgraded with a set of aluminum tracks, a sound kit, a strong waterproof lifting servo, two batteries and two electronic speed controls. It's hard to believe this tiny machine includes all of these parts.

Check out the video to see this amazing tiny little machine in full detail and enjoy!