MHZ Mystic C5000 Catamaran is a High-Speed Heaven!

"High-speed heaven" This is how MHZ, Modellbau Zavarsky, markets the catamarans it builds and these products are worth of all praises.

In today's amazing video with more than twelve million YouTube views, you're going to see one of these catamarans, maybe the coolest one, Mystic C500. There are tens of catamarans both from MHZ and other companies, but driving experience and high quality of Mystic C500 has no equivalence. It combines effectual design, elegant looking and mind-blowing speed all in itself. Thanks to its exceptionally strong engine, it can reach speeds above 112mph (118 km/h). It weighs approximately 65 kilograms. The video demonstrates us the start up of this beast-like machine. Some guys launch it, start it up and this is how the breathtaking show begins. It is so fast that it's impossible to dislike it. You have no choice but like it! Imagine having such an amazing toy and playing with it on a sunny day. How would it make you feel! Ecstatic, we guess!

Watch the video to see how Mystic C500 catamaran performs on the water and leave your comment down below!