1:6 Scale Gigantic R/C Model of Lockheed Super Constellation TWA Conquers the Sky!

We don't know what is in R/Cs that attracts us that much! There're maybe hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts who enjoy spending their time with them, looking at them, watching video about them, building them, buying them and of course, playing with them like little kids play with their toys!

It's indisputable that there's something special with R/Cs and that's why we keep sharing R/C videos. In today's video, you're going to see a gigantic R/C aircraft, which is actually a 1:6 scale model of Lockheed Super Constellation TWA, an American aircraft that performed its first flight in July 1951. The R/C has a wingspan of 21 feet, length of 19 feet and it weighs 220lbs. It takes its power from four ZDZ 90cc petrol engines. It's owned and built by Keith Mitchell. As he reports, it took five years to design and built this huge flying machine. We can't imagine the satisfaction that the owner has when he did the first flight with it. That must be a great honor and a deep happiness.

Watch today's video to see this 1:6 scale Lockheed Super Constellation TWA R/C aircraft and let it amuse for a couple minutes!